Rural & Social Activation - Solution

Route your brand through us to reach the grassroots of India.Infinity Rural is the foremost rural communication solution provider that understands the pulse of Indian hinterland. Infinity Rural has conceptualized and executed some path breaking campaigns which have become a benchmark in rural communication. Infinity Rural touches five million consumers on an average, every year, traveling approx. 4.5 lac kms, covering the length and breadth of our country.
Our proprietary tools like IRI (infinity rural indicator) and mCapture (online reporting tool) give us the edge to monitor and quantify the humongous consumer response for the benefit of the brands. Lakshya, a navigation device helps us in tracking the activation vehicle, providing detailed report on vehicle movement to us and to the client. Our DataCenter collates and validates the data accumulated during the campaigns.

  • 01___Research
  • 02___Communication Development
  • 03___Rural & Social activation
  • 04___Experiential Events
  • 05___Media Campaigns
  • 06___Data Mining