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Rural & Social Activation - Solution

Route your brand through us to reach the grassroots of India.Infinity Rural is the foremost rural communication solution provider that understands the pulse of Indian hinterland. Infinity Rural has conceptualized and executed some path breaking campaigns which have become a benchmark in rural communication. Infinity Rural touches five million consumers on an average, every year, traveling approx. 4.5 lac kms, covering the length and breadth of our country.
Our proprietary tools like IRI (infinity rural indicator) and mCapture (online reporting tool) give us the edge to monitor and quantify the humongous consumer response for the benefit of the brands. Lakshya, a navigation device helps us in tracking the activation vehicle, providing detailed report on vehicle movement to us and to the client. Our DataCenter collates and validates the data accumulated during the campaigns.

Rural & Social Activation
Our Perspective of the Real Bharat
How does one perceive a developed India? Is the growth in urban India enough to justify India as a developed nation or should the growth ratio in rural India should also be taken into account while deciding the parameters of development?
India is predominately an agriculture based country where around 70 percent of its billion plus population lives in the hinterlands. Therefore, its undeniable that the growth across rural India should be a very strong parameter in deciding whether the country is actually hitting the projected growth.
The idea of a pragatesheel India can only be realized when its hinterlands are kept in focus while deciding policies and growth projections. A country with a vast topographic variation, multi-cultured and multi-lingual people; it is important that everyone receives the same benefits, products and services as those received by the people of urban India.
To truly develop India, certain parameters need to be taken into consideration:

  • Thorough understanding of rural realities and perceptions
  • Untangle beliefs and value systems
  • Communicate in an environment of low literacy
  • Look beyond conventional media

In such a situation, it is apparent to provide a precise communication solution across various industry segments. It is even more determinative for an organization to understand the rural consumer’s behaviour and sensitivity to their values and beliefs. Create a different outlook for the rural market and have a strong accent to help the rural populace experience the same products and services and benefits as those that are available to the urban people.

An Integral Part of Infinity Advertising Services

Infinity Rural is an integral part of Infinity Advertising Services and provides different experiential brand solutions for rural India.

Ever since its birth seven years ago, it has been a constant endeavour of Infinity Rural to come out with smart and sharp communication solutions. To devise programmes that not only solve present market riddles but leave an enduring effect on the brand as a whole.

We have been designing experiential marketing programmes that enable end customers to involve themselves with the product or services thus initiating a strong association with the brand.

We have been working consistently with brands so that the rural people too experience the benefits and advantages of products like urban people but with a different approach.

The potential is enormous when we focus to 70 percent of the one billion plus population. Likewise, our strategies too, reflect a clear understanding of the psychology of rural people giving way to their sensitive feelings before entering the rural markets.

  • As an organization it has the ability to help the consumer understand and express themselves in many languages and dialects
  • The ability to challenge conventional 'urban' wisdom
  • It has unique skills in handling alternate forms of media
  • And understands the importance of the application of folk forms - scripting & music

Over the years, we have organized and focused our strength and invaluable experience to solve and provide solutions to rural communications. The strategies we had devised have become benchmarks and a paradigm in the rural communication process.

By shifting our perspective from mere brand awareness to interactive band communication, we have been able to change the perception of rural markets by winning the trust and confidence of rural people and of the brand owners.

Infinity Rural offers extensive services ranging from strategy planning and marketing, to knowledge management and research, in addition to creative services and brand communication development.

Over the past few years, these services have enabled many clients to tap the pulse of rural India.

  • Road Shows
  • Rural Events
  •  Product Launches
  •  Direct Contacts
  •  Mailers
  •  Static Visibility
  •  Owning Towns/District
  •  Retail Facelifts
  •  Mobile Showrooms
  •  Channel Meets
  •  Social Events
  •  Mandi/haat activities
  •  Mobile Exhibitions
  •  Research & Analysis

Spreading Wings in Every Corner

Infinity rural has become one of the pioneers in rural communication solutions provider. With a support of on-ground experienced and highly qualified individuals in the relative sector. Infinity Rural has established a strong foundation and base in rural India.
Our business associated spread across the country in metros, mini metros and small towns too have contributed in making infinity’s presence felt in rural India.
With years of experience in rural marketing and communication and having a strong background in the relative sector, Infinity Rural has successfully conducted numerous rural campaigns for national and multinational clients across India.


Reaching the potential rural customer and creating awareness and visibility of JCB machines and motivating the TG to use original JCB parts. JCB wanted to create an experience for its TG that would make them connect with the brand and get a feel of how it feels to own a JCB.
JCB is a pioneer in heavy machinery used across a variety of industries and has a strong brand presence across India. The challenge was to reach out to rural customers and build awareness for JCB across the TG. The challenge was to come up with a strategy that would establish a strong connection between the brand and its targeted audience.
The strategy was to come up with on-ground activities across different states in India using JCB dealers to come up with a touch and try experience for customers. This was to facilitate a feeling of ownership among the customers even before they bought their first JCB machine.
The campaign has successfully covered 22 states of India in the last five years. Over 2000 activity days touched more than 1.25 lac people resulting in more than 2200 on spot booking of JCB machines.
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