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The culture at infinity is to foster creativity through communication and team building. We believe that a great agency is a culmination of creative minds coming together to achieve one single goal—turning raw ideas into exemplary works of art. We keep an open mind towards ideas from the globe, since creativity is boundless.

Diwali Celebration

Fun packed celebration!
Such a colourful day with all lively and beautiful faces. Infinite wishes of Diwali straight from the heart of Infinitians.


We designed the reception to be vibrant, cool and classy all at the same time. The reception has been designed to give you a sense of the work culture and what we stand for. Right from the logo, to the unique coffee mug chair; everything has been strategically placed to uplift the spirits of both the people who work for us as well as any visitors that we might have. Come pay us a visit!

Meeting Rooms

Brainstorming sits at the core of any creative agency and the meeting rooms facilitate healthy exchange of ideas where individuals from across various departments sit and chat over a hot cup of coffee. Moreover, we have got two of those to ensure that multiple teams are able to sit and brainstorm for their respective projects.


Designed with clever aesthetics in mind; Infinity’s boardroom is the hub of major activity. From clients to team meets; the boardroom is where raw ideas start taking shape. If the meeting rooms are the place where brainstorming sessions happen; boardroom is the place where those brainstorming sessions are taken to the next level and teams discuss, ideate and prepare campaign execution plans.


The amphitheatre is one of the coolest places to be at Infinity. Designed to give the look and feel of a movie hall; it’s a great place to sit and watch the latest commercials, presentations and the occasional movies that we handpick for our employees to watch.


No big idea can strike on an empty stomach; the cafeteria is the place where people sit, eat and refuel before embarking on their next big creative endeavour. The place serves really great coffee as well!