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Choose wisely! While selecting a creative design agency

A Creative Design Agency is an essential part of any advertising campaign. A bad creative has the power to ruin even the greatest and most creative campaigns. The sensory organ with which the audience first judges any creative campaign is the eye. If a creative is appealing to the audiences’ eyes the campaign is sure …

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By Infinity Team, On January 19, 2018
Digital advertising trends: Why investing in social media advertising is a must!

Digital Advertising agencies are on a rise and indeed the world is getting smart and technology smarter. With new versions of android and ‘smart phones’ making the immense pressure on human minds easier or rather enslaving the human mind to be technology dependent. The small needs like checking time or remembering dates or the big important tasks like …

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By Infinity Team, On January 12, 2018
Understanding a brand with a 360 degree lens!

Any brand image is not just made by one successful ATL campaign or a successful BTL event. Of course, a successful campaign does impact the consumers and creates a brand memory in their mind. But all memories have a prominent attribute in common: memories tend to fade away with time. The only way to make …

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By Infinity Team, On January 5, 2018
The Art named Niche Marketing

“Amul doodh peeta hai India” an ad jingle by Amul famous pan India, everybody can easily sing along owing to great marketing efforts that targeted the entire nation. However, how many of us pay attention to an ad of say, Pedigree? Only pet owners will show interest because Pedigree is a niche product and niche …

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By Infinity Team, On December 29, 2017
Brand positioning: Making your Brand a best seller!

Brand positioning refers to “target consumer” the reason to buy your brands other than the other brand present in the market. It is ensured that brand activity has a common aim, is guided, directed and delivered by the brand’s benefits/ reason to buy the product. It basically focuses on the needs of the consumer and …

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By Infinity Team, On December 22, 2017
Don’t let deadlines break the thread: Ways to survive the struggle!

Advertising is a creative world. A world full of creative people who feed on innovation and give birth to some of the most extra ordinary campaigns in the world. However these carefree souls are forced to work under strict deadlines and deliver their creative best in a short span of time. Creativity as a concept …

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By Infinity Team, On December 15, 2017
Content V/S Designer: The Tussle

“A good copy is always written when the design is known”, A frustrated copywriter. “A good design can only be made when the copy is known.”, A frustrated designer. And as the tussle gears up, the client servicing person becomes the ping-pong ball, trying to manage the perfect balance between the two. However, a great …

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By Infinity Team, On December 8, 2017
Face Value Matters: Mascots on the rise!

In a world full of people, we see many, talk to a few and become friends only with the ones that have a vivid attractive personality. The same is the case with brands, in a world full of competing brands, consumers see many ads, pay attention to fewer and remember only the ones that have …

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By Infinity Team, On December 1, 2017
Reach Your Target: Hit Below the Line

Advertising is particularly aimed at influencing the consumer and inducing purchase behavior. BTL advertising is a less conventional form of advertising but has a deep hard-hitting impact when the purpose of advertising is to communicate directly with the consumer. It is primarily a form of one to one communication between the business and the consumer. …

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By Infinity Team, On November 24, 2017
5 Humorous Ads carrying a Deeper Meaning

If done right than humour can achieve great success. Humour in advertising can play a vital role and is a delicate method of attracting a viewer’s attention to the product. When done properly it will not only engage people but get them to remember the product. According to a theory which states that “humour can …

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By Infinity Team, On September 11, 2017