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Content V/S Designer: The Tussle
“A good copy is always written when the design is known”, A frustrated copywriter. “A good design can only be made when the copy is known.”, A frustrated designer. And as the tussle gears up, the client servicing person becomes the ping-pong ball, trying to manage the perfect balance between the two. However, a great ad campaign requires that despite the tussle, both the designer and the copywriter should wor
Face Value Matters: Mascots on the rise!
In a world full of people, we see many, talk to a few and become friends only with the ones that have a vivid attractive personality. The same is the case with brands, in a world full of competing brands, consumers see many ads, pay attention to fewer and remember only the ones that have a strong brand image and brand personality. The more we provide opportunities for consumers to connect with a brand, the more
Reach Your Target: Hit Below the Line
Advertising is particularly aimed at influencing the consumer and inducing purchase behavior. BTL advertising is a less conventional form of advertising but has a deep hard-hitting impact when the purpose of advertising is to communicate directly with the consumer. It is primarily a form of one to one communication between the business and the consumer. BTL advertising has recently become a popular trend because o
5 Humorous Ads carrying a Deeper Meaning
If done right than humour can achieve great success. Humour in advertising can play a vital role and is a delicate method of attracting a viewer’s attention to the product. When done properly it will not only engage people but get them to remember the product. According to a theory which states that “humour can be something unrealistic and unexpected”. If our creative strategy is based on humour, it might be th
5 Advertising Campaigns that were Way too Original
As Jimmy Maymann, Chairman, GoViral puts it “A Good engaging advertisement has one core feature: stickiness. Stickiness is the quality of something which catches our eye and makes us stop; something original, intriguing and enjoyable; something that pushes the attention button in our brain and makes us investigate further.” The purpose of any ad campaign is to create a positive impact, a memorable influence i
Digital Marketing: The Next Big Advertising Platform
While traditional forms of advertising i.e. Radio, TV and Print continue to be influential sources for targeting potential consumers, the Digital platform is fast emerging as the next big thing to grab audience attention and to effectively promote a product. This rapid increase in the effectiveness of the Digital Platform is because of the plethora of opportunities and tools of communication that the digital p
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