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Evolution of Advertising Agency in India : Past to Present

Today, advertising in India is thousand pages ahead since its inception. Here advertising dates back to Ajanta-Ellora fresco pictorial images carved on the rock, which was mostly used to advertise religious things back then. The other aspect was the hawkers in the old bazaars, which existed right from the concept of civilization to till date. …

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By Infinity Team, On June 1, 2018
The Underdog of Digital Marketing Business- Email Marketing  

Let’s talk straight, to the point. Digital marketing was never an easy game and is becoming more complex with time. Today’s marketers are not satisfied with revenue, they look for getting maximum ROI. Every penny that is spent must worth the effort. And therefore they experiment, take risks; however, often ignore the underdog of digital …

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By Infinity Team, On April 13, 2018
Know What is Trending in Digital Marketing

The one big thing everyone is talking about is the latest trends in Digital marketing. Since digital has been declared as the future by the market experts, players are focusing to devise & explore industry’s emerging trends. Doing the same, we have come across some interesting facts that we are sharing with you in this …

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By Infinity Team, On March 31, 2018
Branding: the Centripetal Force in Marketing Universe

Brand doesn’t mean a product, it’s an experience and creating this experience is the basic to every advertising & branding exercise. Every brand is unique in its own way. Branding is making the uniqueness visible to everyone, be it consumers, potential customers or anybody else. In fact it’s a game of perceiving. The instant connect …

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By Infinity Team, On March 15, 2018
Choose wisely! While selecting a creative design agency

A Creative Design Agency is an essential part of any advertising campaign. A bad creative has the power to ruin even the greatest and most creative campaigns. The sensory organ with which the audience first judges any creative campaign is the eye. If a creative is appealing to the audiences’ eyes the campaign is sure …

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By Infinity Team, On January 19, 2018
Digital advertising trends: Why investing in social media advertising is a must!

Digital Advertising agencies are on a rise and indeed the world is getting smart and technology smarter. With new versions of android and ‘smart phones’ making the immense pressure on human minds easier or rather enslaving the human mind to be technology dependent. The small needs like checking time or remembering dates or the big important tasks like …

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By Infinity Team, On January 12, 2018
Understanding a brand with a 360 degree lens!

Any brand image is not just made by one successful ATL campaign or a successful BTL event. Of course, a successful campaign does impact the consumers and creates a brand memory in their mind. But all memories have a prominent attribute in common: memories tend to fade away with time. The only way to make …

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By Infinity Team, On January 5, 2018
The Art named Niche Marketing

“Amul doodh peeta hai India” an ad jingle by Amul famous pan India, everybody can easily sing along owing to great marketing efforts that targeted the entire nation. However, how many of us pay attention to an ad of say, Pedigree? Only pet owners will show interest because Pedigree is a niche product and niche …

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By Infinity Team, On December 29, 2017
Brand positioning: Making your Brand a best seller!

Brand positioning refers to “target consumer” the reason to buy your brands other than the other brand present in the market. It is ensured that brand activity has a common aim, is guided, directed and delivered by the brand’s benefits/ reason to buy the product. It basically focuses on the needs of the consumer and …

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By Infinity Team, On December 22, 2017
Don’t let deadlines break the thread: Ways to survive the struggle!

Advertising is a creative world. A world full of creative people who feed on innovation and give birth to some of the most extra ordinary campaigns in the world. However these carefree souls are forced to work under strict deadlines and deliver their creative best in a short span of time. Creativity as a concept …

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By Infinity Team, On December 15, 2017
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